Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Breakfast


Pat Shortt is a writer, producer and performer living in Limerick. He made his entrance to the entertainment world as co-creator and one of D’unbelieveables, Irelands biggest selling comedy duo. In 2002 Pat went solo creating the hit show Killinaskully for RTE drawing 500,000 to 700,000 viewers each week even topping one million viewers for a Christmas special. As an actor and performer Pat has sold out shows all over Ireland with his various live comedy shows. His 2007 role in the much acclaimed ‘Garage’ brought him three Best Actor awards. His credits include ‘Fr.Ted’, ‘The Fitz’, ‘Moone Boy’, ‘Strength and Honor’, ‘Man about Dog’, and ‘Soul Boy’ among others.




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“Jumbo Breakfast Roll” was a number one hit in the Republic of Ireland for six weeks. It was the best selling song of 2006 in Ireland, outselling Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” by 500 copies.
According to figures compiled by GfK Chart-Track Jumbo Breakfast Roll came in at number 11 on the list of top selling songs of the decade. Pat Howe, music manager for HMV Ireland described it as a “guilty pleasure” and noted the Irish have a thing for novelty songs

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Pat Shortt
Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Breakfast

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Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Breakfast

Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Breakfast

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Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Breakfast

Pat Shortt’s Jumbo Breakfast

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